We’re a Toronto-based tea company providing premium loose leaf teas to the western market. Guided by a deep respect for the rich culture and ancient history of tea in Asia, we seek clean, high-quality, and source traceable tea to ensure our customers can experience the quality and uniqueness of each tea region. 


As merchants and students of tea, we will continue to make frequent trips to China and Taiwan to help reinforce relationships with our suppliers and to learn more about this fascinating world of tea. By dedicating ourselves to understanding all aspects of tea we hope to not only share the leaves and wares from our trips but to also share the rich culture and tradition which surrounds tea service.


Tea is many things to many people. A morning wake me up, a way to connect with friends; for me, it’s a way to connect with nature and to quiet the mind. It is important to remember that when you drink tea you are not just drinking the leaves in your cup, you are bringing to life the soil, the weather and the climate of its origin, you are paying homage to the hard work and generational knowledge of the tea master and his family, and you are helping keep alive a beautiful ancient tradition of the world.

It was in a small tea hut in Miaoli County, Taiwan, that I began to understand the power of this humble beverage and have since dedicated myself to sharing it with those around me.

Conor Murphy


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